Today, we wanted to share our Top 4 Favorite Salad Recipes.  Everyone loves a good, fresh salad in the summer heat. We have chosen 4 recipes from a quick side salad all the way to an Italian pasta salad! Here is what we are loving now: 

At Home Lusco's Salad

Lusco's is one of our FAVORITE restaurants in Greenwood. We sell 4 of their sauces & can barely keep them on the shelves! For this salad you will need: 

- Iceberg lettuce

- Garlic salt & pepper 

- Parmesan cheese 

- Lusco's Vinaigrette Dressing

- Purple onions & cherry tomatoes to taste 

Add all of these ingredients to a big bowl & let the lettuce marinade in the dressing for just a few minutes. Though simple, this salad is SO YUMMY. 


Strawberry & Pecan Salad 


This Strawberry & Pecan Salad is PERFECT for summer. Surprise your dinner guests or your family with this easy recipe! For this salad you will need: 

- Spinach 

- Wheeler's roasted & salted pecans (chop these into smaller pieces) 

- Fresh strawberries (cut in halves) 

- Feta cheese 

- Fresh ground pepper 

- Oxford Falls Champagne Vinaigrette Salad Dressin

Combine all ingredients in a bowl & keep refrigerated until serving. Pour Champagne Vinaigrette to taste & you have successfully recreated this salad! 

At Home Doe's Salad 

Doe's Eat Place is another "must-try" restaurant in the Delta. Located in Greenville, MS (about an hour drive from our storefront) it is WELL worth the drive. We carry 5 of their products- ranging from salad dressings to seasonings & they fly off of our shelves. Here is a recipe to make their "Famous" Salad in the comfort of your own home. You will need: 

-Iceberg lettuce 

- Red onions 

- Diced tomatoes 

- Garlic salt & pepper 

- Doe's Eat Place Famous Salad Dressing 

Throw all of these ingredients together, mix & add the Famous Dressing. Let everything marinade in the dressing to give it that authentic Doe's Eat Place experience & enjoy! 


Vito's Pasta Salad 

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Vito's Salad Dressing. (Seriously, we keep the half-gallon size in our refrigerator at all times.) This Italian dressing is delicious on almost anything, but our favorite recipe with it right now is Vito's Pasta Salad. Here's what you'll need: 

- Pasta (any kind you like- but we HIGHLY recommend using Cheese Tortellini noodles that you can get at almost any grocery store) 

- Broccoli 

- Bell pepper

- Cucumber 

- Cherry tomatoes

- Garlic salt & pepper 

- Parmesan cheese 

- Vito's Salad Dressing 

Mix all ingredients together & generously pour Vito's over it. This is best when served chilled after the Vito's has had time to marinate the pasta & veggies. (Pro tip: Vito's is delicious  served hot or cold, but in this case we recommend serving it cold.) You cannot go wrong with this fresh, delicious pasta salad! 


We hope that y'all enjoyed today's blog post & found some inspiration to spice up your recipes this summer. Stay tuned for our next post & feel free to comment below with any tips & tricks of your own. We love staying connected with y'all! Don't forget to sign up to receive our blog post's sent straight to your email- it's the easiest way to stay up-to-date & you will even receive a discount code for doing so! Talk to y'all soon. :) 

July 23, 2019 — Abbey Goodman

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