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Let's Share Mississippi, Support Small Makers & Artisans and Earn Rewards!
Welcome to The Mississippi Gift Company Share the Sip Rewards Club! Our new rewards program gives you the chance to earn discounts, free products, and perks.
Earn Missi$$ippi Moolah for every time you shop at, on our app or in-store at our retail fulfillment location in the Mississippi Delta. 

You'll also earn Missi$$ippi Moolah just for joining, and on special occasions like your birthday! Once you've saved up, cash in with a discount on your next purchase, gift or other awesome rewards!

Earn 5 Missi$$ippi Moolah with every dollar spent at at, on our app or in-store.
Getting started is simple! Make a purchase, earn Missi$$ippi Moolah. Not shopping today? Not a problem! There are lots of ways to earn Missi$$ippi Moolah, like following us on Instagram or Facebook or reviewing your favorite Mississippi made product.
Missi$$ippi Moolah
Earn more Missi$$ippi Moolah for purchases and different actions, and turn those Missi$$ippi Moolah into awesome rewards!
Ways to earn
 Follow on Instagram - 50 Missi$$ippi Moolah
 Like on Facebook - 50 Missi$$ippi Moolah
 Place an order - 5 Missi$$ippi Moolah for every $1 spent
After you join and log in, click here to see ways to earn points.
Redeem Missi$$ippi Moolah for perks, discounts, and more!
There are plenty of ways to spend your Missi$$ippi Moolah. Got your eye on a piece of Mississippi pottery for yourself? Use your Missi$$ippi Moolah as currency. To really build up Moolah, give a Mississippi gift for every wedding gift, every birthday and out of town gift needed and save up your Missi$$ippi Moolah over time for a BIG discount!
Ways to redeem
$5 off coupon - 500 Missi$$ippi Moolah
$10 off coupon - 1000 Missi$$ippi Moolah
$20 off coupon - 2000 Missi$$ippi Moolah
Order discount - 100 Missi$$ippi Moolah = $1
To see the Missi$$ippi Moolah you have earned be sure to join, log in and click here.
To see ways to redeem Missi$$ippi Moolah click here.
REFER FRIENDS & FAMILY - Give Them $10, You Get $10
After you've signed up for Share the Sip Rewards Club, spread the word! Share your unique link with a friend or family member, and they'll receive $10 toward their first purchase at
Once they shop, you'll see 1000 Missi$$ippi Moolah splash into your account, equaling a $10 reward of your own. It's a win-win!
Refer Friends & Family
Give your friends and family a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.
 They get $10 off coupon
 You get $10 off coupon
Join, log in and then click here to get your unique referral code link to share. Share this link with friends and family via email, facebook and twitter.
Earn Missi$$ippi Moolah for every time you shop at, on our app or in-store at our retail fulfillment location in the Mississippi Delta. 
Places or
 Retail and Fulfillment Center in Downtown Greenwood, MS

Whenever you shop, you are supporting hundreds of small businesses, Mississippi makers and artisans; all while creating jobs, keeping the tax dollars in our state and showing off the quality products that are made in Mississippi.
Join Share the Sip Rewards Club today and start earning Missi$$ippi Moolah. Share Mississippi with Clients, Friends and Family today.