Hey, Y'all - Welcome Back! 
We are so excited to get back in our routine of regularly posting on our blog! We have some very exciting posts in the works & can't wait to share them. We think that by posting on this outlet, we can provide a more in-depth explanation of some of our ideas that you can take & experiment with on your own time! We hope you enjoy reading our posts as much as we enjoy connecting with you. 
First, I wanted to share some of our upcoming posts as a teaser. Here are some examples: 
  1. Meet our staff   (This would help to put a face to the names you hear over the phone or online when shopping with us.)
  2. Travel to Greenwood  (This would be a brief to-do list of fun spots you need to visit when you are making the trip to shop in our retail location.)
  3. Top 10 Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day  (This would be helpful for those racking their brain to come up with a unique gift idea for that special someone.)
  4. Customer of the Month   (This one we are really excited about! We will feature one of our customers with a review of the products they bought this month & even give you a little happy for participating with us!)
  5. Discussing Trends  (This would help explain what we see other customers doing with their products & also show you our own twist on pairing products from our store with what the world around us seems to rave over now.) 
  6. Behind the Scenes   (This would provide some insight to what happens from the moment you order a product from us to the moment you are about to receive it at your doorstep!) 
  7. Decorating for each Season   (This would be showing what we have done in our store to decorate for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter to give you some ideas you can use in your own cozy home.) 

Second, if y'all have any ideas for future blog posts you might want to see- let us know! We will be happy to look into it. 



Stay tuned for each of these posts & many, many more! We will be uploading a new blog post every Wednesday for y'all. The best way to stay connected is to subscribe to our blog & they will be sent directly to your email every Wednesday! If you choose to subscribe, you will receive a 10% off discount code for our website - which is our way of thanking you for staying connected with us. :) 



Thank you for your continued support & we hope to make this one of our best years yet!!! 


January 16, 2019 — Abbey Goodman

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