Sam's Jive Rub

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A message from the creator's loved ones: 

"Samuel loved the blues, dancing and cooking. That is where we came up with the name! He would mess around with different seasonings and do specials at Abe’s BBQ on certain nights. Once he got the rub down he started using it on the briskets he made. Since his passing, we found his recipe and decided to market it. People rave about it on vegetables, chicken, and other items. It’s a little spicy and makes you want to jive! And can be used on just about anything when cooking at home."

Many have tried to emulate the delicious flavor, but have failed in their efforts--There is only one rub deserving enough to be served to its loyal Delta customers, and that is Sam's Jive Rub. 

Enhances the flavor or all meats, poultry, and fish.