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Beelicious Honey


SKU: bh080
What is the difference in honey from the supermarket and local honey from a beekeeper?

There's a difference, an important difference between what you get at the supermarket and nature's finest honey available from a beekeeper. Beekeepers offer you pure honey, direct from the hive. Just the way the bees made it. This is complete honey, with pollen grains and enzymes that the bees produce locally. Honey includes pollen from flowers in the area where the bees work. Natural enzymes, pollen, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are found in honey.

When honey is processed commercially, it is finely filtered and heated. Filtering removes most pollen particles and heat can change the color, taste and destroy vitamins. Additives have even been discovered in commercially processed honey found in stores.

Beelicious honey is straight from the hive to you. It is 100% pure raw honey. Just the way it should beYummy and Beelicious.

Comes in 5 oz plastic squeeze bottle.