Hey, y'all! Welcome back to our blog. Administrative Professionals' Day is coming up & we have some gift ideas for you to consider! Since they do so much for us, it is always nice to show your appreciation for those Administrators in your office. Any reason to pick out the perfect gift to make someone's day is always fun for us- no matter the holiday! :) 


Here's what we have picked out: 

1. Administrative Professional's Basket ($68) 

This basket includes everything you need to celebrate your boss- snacks & more! 

2. Copper Business Card Holder ($12) 

We love this Copperworx piece to jazz up the business cards on your desk. 

3. Cheese Straw Tower ($32)

Our Cheese Straw Tower includes all 3 cheese straw flavors- some to share with the whole office! 

4. Reed Diffusers ($32) 

The perfect alternative if you are unable to have a lit candle at work! We have 3 fragrances available. 

5. Small Squares with Mighty Words ($22) 

These tiny sets contain Bible verses on each card (front & back) for a daily devotional right on your desk! 

6. Coffee Mugs ($9-$43) 

For the coffee-loving administrators- we have several different mugs to choose from! 

7. Peter's Pottery Tumblers / Utensil Holders ($38-$60) 

We have these on our desks at work to hold all of our pens & other utensils. So cute & versatile! 

8. Professional's Box ($50) (SHIPS FREE!) 

This box contains ready-to-eat snacks, a notepad & an adorable coffee mug! 

9. Scented Lotion ($18.50) 

Capri Blue Lotions are perfect for your desk! The white & silver colors are sure to match any decor. 

10. Administrative Professional's Gift Box ($35) 

Our Administrative Professional's Gift Box comes with snacks & a hand lotion- too cute to pass up! 

11. Candles ($9-$39.50) 

Let's face it, you can never go wrong with a candle. We have TONS to choose from! 

12. Wooden Blocks ($15-$17) 

We are still loving the wooden block trend for easy, simple home decor! These would be super cute for a desk or shelf in the office. 

13. Tervis Tumbler ($15-$35) 

We can barely go a day at work without using our Tervis Tumblers! They are so cute & keep your favorite beverages hot or cold for hours. 

14. Bath Salts / Bath Soaks ($24-$27) 

What could be a better gift than a bath salt/soak for a relaxing bath after a long day at work!? 


With all of these options, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your hard-working Administrative Professionals! Thank y'all for reading today's blog post. We love staying connected with y'all & hope that this post can give some inspiration for your shopping. Don't forget to sign up to receive our blog posts sent straight to your email- you'll even get a discount code for doing so! :) 

March 01, 2019 — Abbey Goodman

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