Hey, y'all! Welcome back to our blog. Today we wanted to give y'all our Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day. We know that mom's can be hard to shop for sometimes, so this might help you find something that would be a perfect fit for yours! Whether it's a gift basket full of snacks or a beautiful vase- we have just what you need. 


1. Wolfe Birds ($38-$58) These are always a cult favorite. Each little bird is individually & uniquely hand painted in Jackson, MS. 

2. Monogrammed Bath Robe / Towel Wrap ($35-$40) Both of these are super cute & perfect for an at-home spa experience. 

3. Peter's Pottery ($17-$300) We haven't ever met anyone that didn't fall in love with Peter's Pottery upon first glance. There are so many items to choose from! Pick out a vase, an animal, or even a platter for the perfect addition to your mother's home in her favorite glaze. 

4. Picture Frames ($23-$60) This is always an easy gift! Pick out a pretty picture frame & print your favorite photo of you & your mom for the perfect sentimental Mother's Day gift. 

5. Decorative Pillows ($38-$45) Pillows are an easy gift for the special people in your life. Grab a cute decorative pillow for a perfect, fresh addition to your mother's cozy home. 

6. Wooden Blocks ($17-$27) We have so many different wooden blocks to choose from! From crosses, to hearts, to cute little sayings- we have a perfect fit for your mother's taste. 

7. Etta B Pottery ($12-$250) People are going crazy over our Etta B Pottery selection. With 6 different glazes & over 100 different pieces, you are sure to find a perfect piece.


8. Body Wash / Body Lotion by Capri Blue ($18.50) Almost every mom in the world loves a good body wash & body lotion combo. We have 3 of the most popular scents available in both from Capri Blue. Pick a scent & make mom's day! 

9. Mississippi T-shirts ($22-$45) Every Mississippi native loves a cute t-shirt. We have several short sleeve & long sleeve options available! 

10. Mississippi Made Jewelry ($22-$39) This is always a cute gift idea for Mother's Day. We have several different earrings. bracelets, & necklaces all made in Mississippi that your mom will LOVE! 


We hope this list of Mother's Day gift ideas gives y'all a little guidance to finding the perfect gift for your mom! Thanks for reading today's blog post. We love staying connected with y'all! Don't forget to sign up to receive an email every week with our new post- you'll even get a 10% discount code for doing so! :) 

March 03, 2019 — Abbey Goodman

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