Hey, y'all! Welcome back to our blog. Today we wanted to give y'all some Graduation gift ideas. We know sometimes it can feel overwhelming to find something to give a recent graduate & we are here to help! Here are some of our ideas: 

1. Monogrammed Bags ($13.50-$27) 

2. Tervis Tumblers ($15-$35) 

3. Peter's Pottery ($17-$255) 

4. Monogrammed Laundry Bags (in-store only/call for availability) 

5. Picture Frames ($23-$60) 

6. Decorative Pillows ($38-$184) 

7. Monogrammed Robe ($40) 

8. Jewelry ($19.95-$38) 

9. Reed Diffusers ($32) 

10. Throw Blankets ($40-$49) 

11. Prints ($7.50-$49.50) 

12. A Head of the Game Wire Sculptures ($20-$80)

13. Journals ($7-$36) 

Hopefully this will help lead you in the right direction when purchasing gifts for your beloved graduates this year. As y'all know, any excuse to give someone the perfect gift is right up our alley! Thanks for reading today's blog post. We love staying connected with y'all! Stay tuned for next week's post & don't forget to sign up to have each blog post sent straight to your email address- you'll even get a discount code for doing so! :) Talk to y'all soon! 




May 17, 2019 — Abbey Goodman

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