Hey, y'all! Welcome back to The Mississippi Gift Company blog! :) We took a break from posting articles with all the craziness of the world (& world of retail) lately, but we are back to posting 2 times per month & hope you'll follow along! 


This week's topic is.... how to make a charcuterie board using our gourmet ready-to-eat products! We all love a good charcuterie these days, so why not learn how to make one while supporting local Mississippi artisans? 

Here's what you'll need from our selection of gourmet foods: 

What you'll need from your local grocery store: 

  • Cream Cheese 
  • Crackers of your choice (we suggest Wheat Thins with the Raspberry Chipotle) 

First, you need to find a cutting board, tray, or a platter made by your favorite potter. Today we chose a Peter's Pottery Meat Tray in the color Jade. We all know how to arrange our charcuterie boards to our liking by now, but if you need some inspiration I have included some photos! 

We started off by finding a few smaller bowls, our platter, & the ingredients we wanted to showcase. While going for more of a savory style spread- we only included 2 sweets today. The Peter's Pottery Old Fashioned Punch Cup is holding the Southern Trash, Etta B Dip Bowl in Gray is holding the Hot Pickled Okra, & lastly the Etta B Sorbet Bowl in Gray is holding the Sweet BBQ Pretzels. We love the look of mixing & matching all of our pottery glazes! (See also our blog post on mixing glazes HERE.) 

 I suggest placing the summer sausage first & then decide where you wish to place the bowls. With those staples already finished, it is much easier to navigate the best place to stuff crackers/cheese straws. There is no wrong way to do it & we can assure you that it will taste DELICIOUS no matter what! 

Once you've finished adding all of your Mississippi made snacks, you are almost finished. Grab a set of beverage napkins, or in our case- our beautiful monogrammed initial dinner napkins & you're ready to serve! 

We hope y'all have enjoyed reading this post & can take a few ideas from it. If you make one for yourself, please share photos with us! We love to see happy customers using their products from our store. :) Stay tuned for our next post... I'll give you a hint on the topic: Galentine's Day!!! As always, comment what you'd like us to feature or discuss & share this post with your friends! Shop local, Share Mississippi & we'll talk to y'all soon! 

January 14, 2021 — Abbey Goodman


Karyn said:

Love a good charcuterie board but, I love the MG staff more! Plus all of the wonderful Mississippi products in the store! Always a good idea to shop local! ❤️

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