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Trending Now: Mixing Pottery Glazes

Hey, y'all! Welcome back to our blog. Today, we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to mix different pottery glazes. We carry such a wide range of different pottery & have found that some glazes mix together easily, but some mixtures surprised us, too! From Peter's Pottery to Etta B Pottery to Good Earth Pottery- these are our favorite patterns to mix: 


Peter's Pottery

From the small historic town of Mound Bayou, Mississippi comes Peter's Pottery. The Woods brothers come together to create unique works of art by combining talents and responsibility. Peter's Pottery captures the rich earth tones of the Mississippi Delta in the glazes and textures of their unique and renowned pottery. We carry the Nutmeg, Jade, White, & Blue glazes at The Mississippi Gift Company. We have found that most customers have their #1 favorite glaze but often like to mix the other glazes in with their collection. 


 In this photo we tried to capture just a small piece of what it would look like to mix all 4 glazes. We love pairing just 2 together, but they look absolutely beautiful all mixed. Some of our customers mix just Nutmeg & Jade, Jade & White, or truly any combination! You can't go wrong with any variation. 

Good Earth Pottery 

Richie Watts began his creative experimentations in the spring of 2000 to produce the unique dinner- ware known as The Good Earth Pottery. Success came in the fall of that same year with the pattern Mockingbird, introduced in 2001. Carlos Caballero then joined as a partner.  We carry Bluebird, Sparrow, Swallowtail, Avalon, Celery, Teal, Desert Flower & Ginger glazes. 


 Here we have Teal, Sparrow, Celery & Avalon. We were pleasantly surprised by the way the Teal mixed right in with the other 3! All the different colors blend together so well. You could mix the Sparrow & Avalon, Teal & Celery, or all 4 like we did. You will fall in love just like us! 


Etta B Pottery 

Each unique piece of Etta B Pottery is handcrafted and meticulously hand painted. Their name comes from the pottery being crafted in Etta, Mississippi, and the artist's first initial is "B." The beautiful glazes provide a color palate sure to coordinate with any decor. The distressed and antique accents on these exquisite textures makes each piece a treasure. Though similar, no two pieces are just alike. We carry Peaceful, Charming White, Simply White, Serene, Magnolia & Gray glazes in Etta B Pottery. 


We featured every glaze in this photo to show you how flexible each of these Etta B Pottery glazes are. Each one has hints of other glazes around the top. We have seen a lot of brides mix the Peaceful, Serene & Gray- but have also seen them registering for Simply White, Charming White, & Magnolia to mix together. No matter which variations you choose, you will LOVE the outcome. 


Thanks for reading today's blog post! We love staying connected with y'all & hope that this post gave y'all some inspiration for your own pottery collections. Don't forget to sign up to receive our blog posts sent straight to your email- you will even get a discount code for doing so. :) Talk to you next week! 


April 24, 2019 by Abbey Goodman


roni sammis

roni sammis said:

Hi love your website and pottery
I was wondering if you sell BLUE SPONGWARE POTTERY

Margaret Williams

Margaret Williams said:

Love this blog.

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