Welcome back to The Mississippi Gift Company's blog! Today, we wanted to showcase our newest glaze of Etta B Pottery - Hydrangea! Etta B Pottery is a cult favorite in our store, with new & exclusive products being added to our offering each year, but this might be one of our favorite glazes yet.

If you're unfamiliar with Etta B Pottery, it is handcrafted & hand-painted right in Etta, MS! The mixture of smooth matte & glossy glazes are wonderful compliments in today's home decor. Each piece has unique textures & detailed patterns, & though similar no two pieces are just alike. We especially appreciate the thoughtfulness of all glazes pairing well together. (We currently stock Hydrangea, Magnolia, Peaceful, Simply White & Dogwood Glazes.) Whether you're a collector of one particular glaze or all glazes - the beautiful colors all blend perfectly! (Added bonus: each piece is microwave, dishwasher and oven safe!)

Now, let's get into our styling of the Hydrangea pieces... Pictured above, we have our Bud Vase, Little Bitty Dishes & Globe Vase styled on top of a Magnolia Cake Stand. (I told you the glazes mix together perfectly!!!) When your cake stand is not in use, this is such a beautiful way to decorate! The globe vase is a great size for succulents, or a small arrangement. Add a candle & you've got yourself a cute little display of your beautiful pottery for all to see! 

Another way to incorporate this gorgeous glaze into your collection is through your coffee bar! Here we have the Coffee Mugs, Sugar Bowl, & Creamer - with the Small Oval Platter serving as our platter. We might be biased, but we do believe that coffee tastes a little better out of Etta B mugs... ;) Finally, we have a glimpse at a tablescape using Hydrangea pieces. HOW BEAUTIFUL!? We have used the Crimped Edge Round Plate as our dinner plate above & chose to incorporate the Floral Vase for our centerpiece. The Stemless Wine Glasses are such a good size & would be great for a dinner party! The Little Bitty Dishes are pictured on the left, & are just that - little bitty dishes! Though they cannot be utilized as much for serving, we love to use them as votive candle holders. Place a few of these around the centerpiece of your table & you've got a unique Mississippi made tablescape! Too cute! See below for reference: 

As if we needed a reason to add pieces to our Etta B Pottery collection... this would be it! Mix & match your favorite glazes, find your perfect new additions, & shop with us to fill your home with the best of Mississippi! 
We hope y'all have enjoyed reading this post & find our newest glaze to be as beautiful as we surely do. If you choose to purchase any of these items, or any others in the collection- please share with us! We would love to see happy, smiling faces using/displaying their new pottery from our store!  As always, comment what you'd like us to feature or discuss & share this post with your friends. Shop local, Share Mississippi & we'll talk to y'all soon! 
***Check out my very own Hydrangea Floral Vase that's holding my very own....yep, hydrangeas! Just too pretty not to share... -AG***
June 02, 2022 — Abbey Goodman

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