Welcome back to The Mississippi Gift Company's blog! Today, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite new product lines- the Glo Pals x Sesame Street collaboration! We have carried Glo Pals' products for a few years now, with new products being added to our offering each year, but this might be one of our favorites yet. (Who doesn't love Sesame Street?!) These liquid activated cubes will take bath time to a whole new level of fun for your little one! First, let's give a little backstory on the company: 

A description from the Glo Pals Team: 
"...The technology behind the Glo Pals was originally created for a classroom project at Mississippi State University. Our inspiration came from a child with autism, who was not the biggest fan of bath time. He used the Glo Pals to help him through the sensory overload of bath time & influenced our mission - to create a product that engages childrens' senses & brightens bath time. We believe in the magic of childhood & the importance of playtime. It is our goal to bring that magic into ordinary, everyday activities. A portion of every Glo Pals purchase is donated to Blair Batson, our state's only children's hospital. To date, we have donated over $50,000!..."


We keep the Glo Pal cubes & characters stocked all year - with so many colors to choose from! Each Glo Pal character comes with 2 cubes, one for inserting into the Character & one back up cube. The cubes are sold in a pack of four, which can be used in the tub as a stand alone fun item, or along with the characters! Not pictured is our Party Pal, that is a white colored Pal wearing a birthday hat with matching white colored cube set to match. (The perfect birthday gift for a little bath lover!) 
Our BIG NEWS is that we have now completed our Sesame Street collection! Elmo, Julia, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, & Abby Cadabby are all here & ready for bath time with your little one! 
As if the Glo Pal family couldn't get any cuter... IT SURE DID! It looks like some fun & sunny days are ahead for your little ones bath times. :) 
We hope y'all have enjoyed reading this post & are just as excited as we are. If you choose to purchase, please share with us! We would love to see happy, smiling faces using their new Glo Pals from our store!  As always, comment what you'd like us to feature or discuss & share this post with your friends! Shop local, Share Mississippi & we'll talk to y'all soon! 
March 17, 2022 — Abbey Goodman


Sarah Jones said:

I love these glo pals and they are the perfect item for my child’s Easter basket. Love all your items and thanks for helping me always find the perfect gift.

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