Hey, y'all! Welcome back to our blog. Today we are going to explain the "Life of an Order" from the start to finish. This means from the second you place an order online to the second our UPS guys pick it up! 


After you have checked out our website & found the items you cannot live without, go through the checkout process & everything is finished- our work begins. 

1. We view & print your order from the computer.

2. An employee pulls it from the printer & begins to pull the products to fulfill it. (if for some reason we are currently out of stock of an item- you will be contacted via phone/email & the order will be placed on a shelf to refer back to when said products arrive) 

3. Once every item is pulled from our floor/stock room, we look to see if it is a gift. 

4. If a gift message is included, it is wrapped according to the gift message (i.e. Valentine's Day, Birthday, Anniversary...) & the price tags are all taken off. 

  • Gift baskets/Gift boxes are all prepared by hand. Here is how we do it:  
  • We pull the items for said baskets/boxes, grab the correct container for the basket/box & fill it with "sizzle" (This is the crunched paper in the bottom of your basket. We call it sizzle, but others may call it Crinkle!) 
  • Once assembled, we wrap it in cellophane & cut a "ribbon tie" to ensure it won't move while we are making the bow. 
  • The bow is next! We typically use a colored ribbon that coordinates with items in the basket/box. 
  • (Pro Tip: If there are breakables in the basket/box, we heat-gun the cellophane. This is essentially a heavy-duty hair dryer that shrinks the cello to make it cling to what is in the basket. It helps the items to stay-put & truthfully, just looks prettier!) 
  • Next, we hand write the gift messages that you wish to include on your package & attach it to your gift. 
  • The last step is to put our cute Mississippi Gift Company sticker on the package. 

5. After wrapping the gift item or pulling all items together, it is placed on our shipping tables. 

6. When on the shipping tables (we organize them in sequential order per order number) they are ready to be packaged by an employee that has been trained to wrap breakables or any item according to UPS standards. 

7. After being efficiently packed, the boxes are placed on the shipping scale for the Shipping Coordinator to enter all information regarding addresses & weights. 

8. Once that is finished & the shipping label is on the package, it is moved to a stack of boxes for UPS to pick up. (Shoutout to Keith, our favorite UPS guy that always fills us in on what's happening in Greenwood!) 

9. UPS picks up the packages & they are officially on their way to your door! 

(Orders normally go out the same day of purchase excluding weekends.) 


Thanks for reading this week's blog post & stay tuned for next week!  We post every Wednesday. :) 

February 13, 2019 — Abbey Goodman

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