Welcome back to our blog! Today we wanted to recognize the January 2019 "Customer of the Month" - Robin Stuckey!!! She has been a great customer of ours for years & deserved some recognition. 

 Robin Stuckey & Katie Lynn Stuckey 


When we asked Robin to review a few of her recent purchases, she chose to speak on behalf of the Capri Blue Volcano scented candles. "I love the smell & the look of these candles! They are so pretty & come in so many different jars." We could't agree more, Robin! (Click on the link to shop this scent & see what she is raving over.) 


Robin often purchases a variety of t-shirts, Peter's Pottery, & Little Birdie Pillows. She works down the street from our store & likes to come in to look around during her breaks. In the summer months, she brings her sweet little girl (Katie Lynn) in with her to get a popsicle! (They even have matching Love Mississippi T-Shirts from our store. Could that get any cuter? Nope!) 


Though we do not have a photo of them in their matching t-shirts, here is a picture of Katie Lynn in her shirt.

Speaking on her experience with our store, she simply said, "Y'all know I love it here!" Well, we love having you as a customer, Robin! Thanks for being loyal to our store throughout the years- we really appreciate it! 




We thought it was necessary to share this staff picture of us at the Greenwood Witches' Ride during Halloween with our other "Customer of the Month." ADORABLE!


Thank y'all for reading this week's blog post & stay tuned for next week! We post every Wednesday & would love for y'all to stay connected with us. Don't forget to sign up to receive our blog posts & have them sent straight to your email address! You'll even receive a discount code for signing up. :) 

Here's how this works: 
We choose a customer based on their frequency of purchases (in-store/web orders) & then ask that they review their favorite items. In return, we will give them a little gift for participating & being an excellent customer! 
February 06, 2019 — Abbey Goodman

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