Hey, y'all! Welcome back to our blog. Today we wanted to share with you our Top 15 Gifting Ideas for Easter. We have so many options ranging from little happies to put in an Easter basket to a box already filled with ready-to-eat snacks! Here are some of our favorites: 

1. Easter Box of Treats (SHIPS FREE!) $35

2. 6x6 Bunny Twine Picture Frame Blocks  ($27) 

3. Easter Pails ($42) 

4. Peter's Pottery Rabbits  ($36-$105) 

5. Watercolor Candles  ($23.95-$32.95) 

6. Small Happy Easter Gift Box ($20) 

7. Tay Morgan Wooden Easter Eggs ($25)

8. Egg Tray ($60-$124) 

9. Bath Bombs ($6.95-$7.50) 

10. Spring Etta B Pottery Pieces ($32-$124) 

11. Spring Kitchen Towels ($22) 

12. Glo Pals ($11) 

13. Easter Wooden Blocks ($16-$27) 

14. Large Happy Easter Gift Box ($45) 

15. Lemon Straws/Lime Straws ($2.25-$16.50)

We are loving our display of Easter Wooden Blocks mixed with our Etta B Pottery for Spring! This is such an easy way to make your space look festive. Choose some of your favorite blocks & make a little display on your shelves, kitchen/dining room table, or even a bathroom. 
We have the Small & Large Happy Easter Gift Boxes available, as well as the Easter Box of Treats that are put together with delicious, ready-to-eat snacks for you to send to whoever you wish! Some of our customers are looking for smaller items to fill their own Easter baskets... We have some ideas for that too! Choose a wooden block, a variety of snacks, Glo Pals (liquid activated cubes that light up your bath water), or even a few bath bombs. 
I have even heard of people buying the Tay Morgan Personalized Wooden Easter Eggs as placeholders for their family Easter meal. SUCH A CUTE IDEA, RIGHT? 
Whatever you may need for your Easter festivities this year, we have Mississippi made products for you! Check out our Instagram account to for a little more on how we have styled our own Easter/Spring displays @themississippigiftcompany & let us know what you're loving, too! 
Thanks for checking out our blog post this week! We love it when you guys stay connected with us. Stay tuned for next week's post & don't forget to sign up to receive our blog posts sent straight to your email. (You'll even get a discount code for doing so!) 
February 05, 2019 — Abbey Goodman

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