Hey, y'all! Welcome back to our blog. Today, we wanted to do a product spotlight on one of our favorite line's right now. Musee has been such a cute, fun addition to our store! We are absolutely in love with their new spa line of bath products. They give you the at-home spa experience for an affordable price. Here is the story of their wonderful company: 

"We make handcrafted, natural bath products in Madison County, Mississippi. It is our desire to care for our community and help alleviate poverty by creating jobs through the development of excellent handmade products. We hire women in recovery, individuals with disabilities and people that have not had the opportunities of education. It is our belief that everyone has value. Our hope is to create an environment of self dignity where people feel loved and encouraged. A portion of our profits is invested to educate children, provide jobs and create resources that will inspire change in communities throughout the world." 

Doesn't that make you want to buy every single thing they offer? Us, too!!! 

Pictured above are a few of their new products in their new line. This includes bath balms, soaks, candles, & mini bars of soap. Every one of them smell SO GOOD. We can't even get over the fact that every item is named after a song... How clever?! 

Here is the ideal situation: You just purchased our adorable Waffle Weave Initial Robe & matching Cosmetic Bag (because you need them both.) You pick your favorite bath balm, bath soak, & candle. Take a relaxing bath & get out feeling like you have just been to a 5 star spa- except this time, all of the products you used were made in Mississippi! 

After knowing what this company stands for, seeing the cute packaging, & smelling their amazing scents- we know you will love these products just as much as we do!

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April 04, 2019 — Abbey Goodman

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