Once a Delta Boy, Always a Delta Boy Book

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In this book I am reliving memories of many families about the lives and times in the mid-Twentieth Century Mississippi Delta as I experienced them. Hopefully, these recollections can help readers recognize events and places that were integral to their own upbringing during these formative years. Or maybe inspire others to jog their own images of Delta life they remember. Read. Reflect. Laugh. Cry. Relive growing up in the Delta from your own perspective.

The years just after World War II witnessed an idyllic era which packed explosive agricultural and industrial growth, and which provided a perfect small town atmosphere for raising families. But as more widespread integration was introduced in the '60's, many abrupt changes occurred in the area. Wealth shifted among families and races. Racially separated schools were consolidated. Some businesses prospered, many others shuttered their doors. Opportunities finally opened for some citizens just as they slammed shut for others. Growth in Queen City Greenville and other nearby enclaves peaked and then began to spiral downward. No matter where you live today, one truth still rings true, however. If you were born or raised as a child of the Delta, you will always be a proud child of the Delta.... a Delta Boy (or Girl).

Gene Holiman, a native of Greenville, is the author of the new memoir "Once A Delta Boy, Always A Delta Boy"... or girl! After a 40-year career in advertising and marketing in both Memphis and Austin, Texas, , he retired and then began an encore career as a writer. 

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