Poor House Cylinder Wind Chimes-10 Small Disc

SKU: phc10

Poor House Pottery is inspired by the rustic beauty of The Mississippi Delta. Enjoy and share the soulful artisanship of the individual designs; where functionality meets decorative appeal. We are confident Poor House Pottery will be a piece of art you will enjoy; bringing a touch of the Mississippi Delta into your homes. Made in Greenwood, Mississippi, right in the Heart of The Mississippi Delta.

This uniquely designed pottery is specially handcrafted, bisqued, and glazed with a special blend of colors and lastly high- fired to a stoneware piece of fine art. Many hours are devoted to each piece, including painting, sanding and two or more firings. Due to handcrafting and firing technique, each piece has its special distinction and colors may vary. 

Each strand hangs approximately 34" long.

Sold per individual strand.