Hey, y'all! Welcome back to our blog. We have been working on a little project this week & wanted to fill you in... Let me give you some back story.

We have fairy gnome doors all around Downtown Greenwood. They are the cutest, tiniest doors that are the home to "fairy gnomes" & they decorate for every holiday! We do not know who is behind this cuteness, but we did notice the doors hadn't been decorated since Christmas. Here are a few examples: 



Last Thursday, we got a letter on our front door that addressed the quietness of the fairies & said that they needed help decorating for Easter. There is a competition between everybody participating & we hope to win (of course). We started thinking of Easter decor & how we could tailor it to our store. Here is a sneak peek of what we came up with: 

The ever-so-obvious MINIATURE GIFT BASKETS. We cannot get over how cute these are. Our gift baskets are such popular items, so what better way to decorate than having an adorable mini gift basket at the doorstep?! 

(Heat gunning the mini baskets to ensure that they are Mississippi Gift Company approved.) 


We found some adorable spring-y things to decorate our "yard" with & it is coming along nicely! 

As if we couldn't get any more excessive... We thought we needed something else to make it perfectly represent our store. 

WE MADE A TINY UPS TRUCK. Our days are always filled with sending y'all packages for any occasion, so it only felt right to let our fairy door have the same. 


The best decorated fairy door wins a prize & the deadline is April 14th. Stay tuned for the finished product! We would love for y'all to show your love on our post to their Facebook page. Follow the competition at www.facebook.com/gwoodfairygnomes to see all the fun. Also, follow our Instagram account to see posts when our doors are decorated per holiday! We have a highlight dedicated to the fairy doors. Thanks for staying connected with us! We hope y'all are loving the blog posts as much as we love posting. :) 

March 20, 2019 — Abbey Goodman

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